'Designer Drugs Phantom Series' Syringe Dabbers

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Image of 'Designer Drugs Phantom Series' Syringe Dabbers

All hand made by Jop.
Limited to 10 made in this color / pattern. The color of the decal is very subtle until shined under ultra violet lighting whereas the color turns BRIGHT green. The pattern remains secretive until under UV lighting making it a 'phantom' pattern.
Each syringe is unique and is approximately 4.5 x .75 x .75 inches. Please allow some tolerance with the dimensions as they are entirely hand made. Please also allow a color shade tolerance as these colors are hand mixed in small batches by the artist.
Signed, dated, and numbered. x/10

*Note: these are mini sculptures that cannot and are not intended to be used as actual functional syringes.

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Image of 'Designer Drugs Phantom Series' Syringe Dabbers